Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

This command is for all who call Jesus Lord. We are called to our neighbors, family, and co-workers. While we may never have the opportunity to personally take the good news of Jesus to other countries, we believe in supporting and equipping those who are going. 

Active Missionaries

Doug  & Kristie Allee- Philippines

 David & Roxana Alvarez-
Equatorial Guinea  

Kevin & Wendy Beery- Belgium 

Stuart & Wendy Brown- Compassion Link

Bill & Melissa Chappel- Hungary

Joey & Hannah Coons- Chi Alpha

Bryan & Laura Davis

David & Donna Delp- Africa

David & Amy Dingman

Gary & Lori Ellison- Vanuatu

Russ & Sarah Farhoud- Lesotho

Rich & Wanda Ferguson- Panama

Bev & Rick Freund- Chi Alpha

Jason & Megan Harshbarger- Chi Alpha

Joshua & Mandi Haviland-  Prison Ministry

David & Roxana Alvarez- Philippines

Dave & Debbie Johnson- Eurasia

Mark & Patricia Kinney

Tanya Jo Knapp

Jeremy Lance

Kent Linneweh

Chris & Carol Martin

Richard &Gloria McCartney

Jason & Andrea Morrison

Jann & Eric Muzart

Sara Nelson

Sir James Offord

Harry & Beth Osland

Alley Pollard

Rebekah Polley

Scott & Erin Pongratz

Dan & Elisha Robertson

Marti & Brenda Roman

Bernie & Brenda Smith

Glen & Karen Smith

Sydney Strawn

Chris & Amy Stubbs

Randy & Becky Tarrs

Brent & Shelly Teague

Jim & Margaret Thacker

Troy & Teresa Trout- HostIN

Nathan & Lisa Turney

Brett & Susan

Bethany Weatherly

Greg & Lisa Webby

Nathan & Shauna Widden

StoreHouse Giving 2023

Every year The StoreHouse chooses projects that our congregation works together to support. StoreHouse giving allows everyone to be a part of bigger things  that affect the Kingdom of God.

Camp Scholarships
help send kids/teens to Bible camp
Good News Boys Home
repairs and renovations at their residential site
Chi Alpha Campus plant
plant a new chapter at a University 
Crisis Pregnancy Center
provide resources for new moms who want to keep their baby
Belgium Bible College
build dorms for students studying to become pastors and missionaries
Gospel Stories App Nepal
develop a new method of spreading the Gospel via an app